Top 9 Best Baby Toys For 6 Months Old In 2021

Best Baby Toys For 6 Months Old

In this we will have a look on best baby toys for 6 months old.

Once babies reach 6 months they start exploring things around them. Their curiosity is at high level and want to touch and feel everything in their sight.

This is the time you would want to surround your kid with lots good toys for them to experience.

This is also the time when new teeth begins to emerge and you would want to keep safe toys that would that baby can mouth and chew on.

Babies also are learning to crawl may be on their belly or on hands and knees, they may also want to stand taking support of couch or tables, some toys that would help them in their motor skills would also be a good option.

Bath toys can make baby’s bathing a fun experience, sitting in the tub and seeing toys float on the water can be good play time.

We have listed 9 best baby toys for 6 months available online which will not only be part of your baby’s fun time but will also help in their development.

Best Baby Toys For 6 Months Old Available Online

HABA Snug-up Doll Luis

A first baby doll is snuggly sweet Luis which is 8 inch tall. Has a printed facial features which can hold to machine washing.

A doll with soft filling that can be cuddled by your baby and can also sit up. Babies can safely play without you worrying about small pieces that can be chewed.

Has a plush body with fleece pajamas, bandanna and a matching hat. Babies will love and chew on small popping tag out at the top of the caps.

Perfectly sized for your baby’s little hands can be a constant companion of your baby’s childhood.

HABA products meets US and European standards of safety for toys.

No worries if the dolls get dirty as they are machine washable and come out as a new every time after wash.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This one of the most favorite baby toys available on amazon with huge five star ratings.

Total of 10 melodies in which baby can switch between.

Easy to wipe and clean with damp cloth and mild soap to maintain hygiene.

Perfect size for 6 months baby.

Volume control through which parents can easily set right sound for the ears.

Stimulating lights and engaging music promotes baby cognitive development.

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

This is a 100% leak proof and great quality baby water mat.

Made up of 100% BPA free and food grade PVC materials.

Your baby can enjoy water time without getting wet. Fascinating bright sea color and floating toys in the water.

Along with fun time it also helps in preventing flat heads, strengthens legs and arms muscle and helps in sensory development enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Easily inflate the outer ring and fill the interior part with water and its ready to play.

When not in use simply empty the mat and fold it.

Promotes baby development and fun is a perfect gift for your baby.

Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Set of 2 maracas toy.

Has soft and colorful poms poms at the one end.

Right size that makes it easy to grasp and handle for little hands.

Grasping and rattling will improves baby’s motor skill.

Your baby will love to shake and make music with this toy.

Rattle at one end and pom-pom at the other adds texture to the toy.

Colorful rattle and sound help stimulate baby’s senses.

Sassy Stacks of Circles

This stacking ring toy will improve hand-eye coordination of your baby.

Very colorful and attractive 9 ring toys. Chunky rings makes grasping for baby easy.

Each ring is of different color, texture and weight that will help baby improve skills.

Straight post accepts different sized rings making it very simple to play and does not require lot of skills at the early stage.

It has a colorful beads in the transparent clear ring allowing baby to connect the sound to sight.

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Activate music using the cord of this push and pull playful puppy.

Plays music and sounds to promotes language skills in playful way.

Nose flashes with the music or sounds to attract your baby’s attention.

Perfect to teach Numbers, Colors, Body Parts and Music.

Pull the puppy cord puppy’s leg moves, ear can turn 360 degrees and tail spins.

When not in use cord can be tuck in the puppy’s storage compartment, volume control and automatic switch off.

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy

Smart puppy is with 75+ songs, tunes, sounds and phrases.

This puppy can teach your baby 100 first words, body parts, shapes, counting, alphabet and many more.

Pressing and holding the puppy’s light up heart baby’s can hear all the songs.

3 stages learning to help grow along with your baby.

Pressing his ear baby can learn counting, listening. Press and hold head, knees, paws, shoulders and left foot to change smart stages content.

Level 1: Hear first words, colors, alphabet, body parts and more.

Level 2: Fun phrases, find colors, identify body parts.

Level 3: Sing along songs, phrases and vocabulary.

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Baby car toy encourages fun and imaginative play with traffic lights, signal levels to trigger fun sounds, gear sifters.

It has 3 play modes to learn about animals, driving and music.

60+ songs, phrases, melodies and songs.

Press interactive buttons to learn different animals, vehicles with songs and phrases.

Steer the wheel, honk the horn, shift gears and red, yellow, green lights to introduce road safety.

Crawl N’ Go Snail Toy with Stacker

This is 2 in 1 toy with spinning shell unscrew to become 7 piece ring stacker toy that with push squeaker face and rattle ring.

A musical snail rolls and spin his shell and also turns his head sideways encouraging baby to crawl. This toy is a best crawling buddy to your baby.

Parent on/ off button to turn it into silent play mode.

Snail rolls approximately 2 meters of area and motivates baby to catch while stacker promotes problem solving skills.

This were the top 9 best baby toys for 6 months old. You can have a look at various other essentials here.

Also, have a look at the list of baby safety products available online.

Please do comment to let me know your feedback.

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