Top 3 Best Baby Monitor Camera In 2021

Best Baby Monitor Camera

In this post we are going to discuss about best baby monitor camera available online.

Baby’s start crawling and moving around without you after they are around 6 months old. As a parent you might be worried about the safety of your baby when you are not around.

You might want to complete your office or household work as much as possible when baby is sleeping but at the same you cannot leave baby sleeping because you do not know what would happen once baby awakes and you are not near him/ her.

I had the same problem with my baby, even when I used to leave baby for a second in his sleep I used to get weird thoughts of what would happen if he wakes up.

I tried to find a solution and the best way I found was to install a baby monitor camera.

This camera’s not only show you the live video of the baby but also can send notifications when they monitor any movements.

You will really feel relaxed and tension free moving around the house leaving baby during the sleep.

You can use these baby monitor camera’s during baby sleeps or when they are playing and you want to just go to kitchen to make or get something for baby to feed.

Some of the camera’s you can attach to your phone and some have their own screens which you can carry with yourself anywhere in the kitchen or laundry or in the garden.

These camera’s are really easy to install and use, a very useful product for parents who are concerned of their baby’s safety.

Best Baby Monitor Camera In 2021 Available Online


Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor

  • HSA/ FSA Approved
  • Baby Monitor + Health Tracker
  • Duo – Cam + Smart Sock 3
  • Weight 2.1 Pounds
  • Battery Life – 16 Hours
  • Multiple Device Video Sharing
  • Quick and Wireless Charging

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

  • HSA/ FSA Approved
  • Sleep Tracking And Guidance
  • Breathe Monitor
  • Video Sharing With Adjustable Permissions
  • Digital Scrapbook
  • 1 Year Warranty

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

  • Award Winning Monitor
  • Multiple Lenses
  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Robust Hardware
  • No Internet Or Video Sharing

Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor with HD Video, Oxygen, and Heart Rate

Owlet Duo is just not the baby monitor but also an complete baby health tracker. It is one of best monitors with lots of features.

Just connect it to the owlet app and you will get all notifications and readings instantly.

Monitor: With this monitor you can keep an watch on baby’s movement and sleep.

It streams an HD video from anywhere you want may be from baby’s bedroom or play area. It can detect baby’s sound and motions and send you notifications.

Room temperature sensors, wide angle view to give complete end to end view of baby’s room and also 4X zoom to keep an close watch on baby’s movements.

Audio: 2 way talk so that you can not only hear baby’s sound but also talk to your baby through the camera itself.

Health Tracking: Smart sock 3 tracks heart rate of baby and also the oxygen in real time. You can track the sleep patterns and how is the quality of the baby’s sleep.

There is a safe zones for this analysis, once the readings is not in the safe zone you get an instant notifications.

The sock uses pulse oximetry which is proven to be safe for babies.

Security: The video can stream only to those whom you choose and the data is secured through encryption technology.

If you are looking for modern smart baby monitor then Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor is the perfect choice.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Monitor: You can connect this smart baby monitor to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire or Echo device.

Floor stand is included so that it can freely stand with attachable additional leg. It can also lean against the wall behind the crib.

Audio: Two way crystal clear audio that enables you to hear as well as speak to your baby. Even when you are using other apps or if screen is turned off you can hear the audio in the background.

You will receive real time sound and motion notifications.

Security: Data is secured with 256-bit encryption. Two factor authentication to keep account secure.

You can invite other family members to access your camera with adjustable user permissions.

Sleep Tracking: You will receive baby sleep statistics each morning and you can re-watch entire baby sleep at night.

Guidance: Nanit app gets personalized science backed sleep guidance from leading pediatric sleep experts.

Breathing Monitor: Breathing band included so that you can track your baby’s breathe without electronics, wires or batteries.

Breathing tracks your baby’s breathing motion from different positions and sends you notifications if needed in real time.

Digital Scrapbook: Nanit app captures your baby’s finest moments and milestones to create a digital scrapbook automatically. You can share this memories with your friends and family.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics is one of the early baby monitors which has went through years of iteration and tuned and refined from feedback of users.

Multiple Lens: DXR-8 baby monitor camera has features like Pan, Tilt, Zoom and interchangeable lens. You can use different zoom lens to see closer or zoom out with wide angle lens.

Hardware: An award winning monitor with robust and matured hardware that has gone through vigorous testing and quality control.

Size & Weight: With no heavy batteries, DXR-8 is light weight and portable monitor designed for mobility around the house.

6 hour battery life with screen on and 10 hour battery life on power saving mode.

Security: A secure 2.4Ghz channel with fhss technology to transmit audio and video. No data is shared through internet and no other device sharing. This makes it 100% secure to hacking.

So, this were the top best baby monitor camera in 2021 that will make your life easy and provide you peace of mind everywhere at home.

Always have an eye on your little bundle of joy with this baby monitors.


Do I really need video baby monitor?

Yes, you can consider baby monitor camera’s as a need because they ensure baby’s safety, also you can be relaxed while taking care of your baby and also looking after office or household work.

For parents sometimes it becomes very stressful to balance between work and baby. These monitor camera’s will ensure and help you finish your work when baby sleeps so that you can play without any work stress when he/ she is not sleeping.

Should you get WIFI baby monitor?

Absolutely, when you are parent of small baby’s it’s very important to complete most of your work when baby is sleeping. At the same time you would want to have an on baby as well. Baby monitor camera makes this very easy for you.

You can monitor baby through your smartphone, these monitors now a days have built in mic’s through which you can even hear sound of your baby.

What should I look for when buying a baby monitor?

Few things which you should look for are
-Audio and Video Clarity
-Night Vision
-Two way Audio
-Sharing option to add other family members
-Alerts on sound and baby movement.
apart from this anything else can be an added feature.

I hope this post on best baby monitor camera will help improve your parenting experience and also safety of your baby. You can read many other articles on baby safety here. Also, you can find a list of baby essentials for 6 month old here.


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